Rise of the Imperial Hordes
[Blood, Fire, Death]

I CRAVE music like this!! Nobody does this anymore! Insane and violent death-grind in the traditional style, a style that has sadly died off in exchange for wimpy ideologies, shite Nuclear Blast-style black metal, and idiot plagues destroying the scene. While the demo (as Imperial) had some major (early) Beherit and surrounding black-grind bands written all over it with grim style vocals, this time around an individual sound has been created. And it works even better!!!

The vocals are much sicker than before. They go from screams, to moans, to great rasps. Wonderfully dripping with hate, they make way for the music. The music is much more in-depth and developed compared to the demo. I'll admit that the riffs work much nicer here than on the demo, since the production makes them so much more violent, rather than "fuzzy". Another great addition are the HUMAN drums. No more Cassio Drum pad here. One of my favourite parts of the disc is when the music is interrupted for a clip taken from a movie (I believe) during "My Weeping Soul (Pt II)". A good deal of the movie related clips work quite nicely over the course of the disc.

A few things could have been fixed though. The first is the packaging, which appear to be too dark. The next is the drumming. It's much better than what we saw on the demo, but with a tighter drummer the music could be ten times as great. It's simply too sloppy. The third is the running time. Finally, a different production could work wonders for the band. Perhaps some additional guitar parts to add "thickness" to the music. With a huge (but not clean, that would destroy the idea...just LOUD and THICK), the music would truly shine. Hopefully all of this will be fixed for the next disc, due out this summer.

1997 brand