Sadistik Exekution
We Are Death Fukk You

The second album from Australia's perverted sado-nuclear-metallers Sadistik Exekution is a continuous stream of violence. Fluidity keeps it from getting really heavy, it goes and goes on like a hyperactive child on about the process of destroying piles of useless glass that are just lying about. Should I say even hardcore? Of course that is a swearword when associated to black metal but I make no secret of the fact that I love Impaled Nazarene even when (at time especially when) they sound like Finnish hc cult Terveet Kädet.

But to be more precise about the sound, SadEx flow and flow on with lightspeed with kind of non-riffs that make you suspect that they aren't even composed, except for the incredible fact that they do repeat them another time. Vocals shout in a sadomasochistic frenzy a rebellion that probably was not put to words before the actual recording session and should this detract anything from the actual listening experience, I sincerely doubt.

Sounds are heavy Australian blackdeath stuff that keeps you amazed with it's total blasting fury, as a scene generally I mean - Destroyer 666 etc. simply go on with what they are doing with this no-bullshit attitude that we who really like this stuff instead of wanting to argue about stupid things like they do in Norway, do give credit for.

© 2001 black hate