Vakaro Valdose

Another obscure Lithuanian band, or to be exact - a duo. A bit strange one too. The first track on this demo is basically slow, old-school death-doom in the vein of early Cianide. Then comes the next song, which, although still slow, has more of a dreary black metal vibe going on, especially in terms of atmosphere. Two subsequent tracks continue in the similar dreary manner as the one before. The fifth song starts with some keyboard yankery, but then brings back the Cianide-style death-doom for a short while. The final sixth track is an instrumental, beginning with a pipe-like folk instrument. It is quite short, yet lasts long enough for it to create an unmistakable pagan feel.

The whole thing is very primitive, not to mention amateurish and sloppy sounding, but there is something about it that I like. It is next to impossible to actually recommend this because I am sure that the vast majority of you will not find anything remotely special about it and will just shrug it off. But I guess for me it holds some sort of primordial appeal. Or am I just going insane?

c/o Povilas
Maciuleviciaus 30-40
2050 Vilnius

c/o Vaidas Pilkauskas
Taikos 167-16
2017 Vilnius

2001 boris