Aske / Ravens Empire
Ausrottunng / Draconis Teutonica

I was certain Aske were from Austria, but now I assume that's a different band (right?)? Aske and Ravens Empire are from Germany, and by the looks of things, they aren't fans of the JDL.

Aske sound like HELL driven by a kettle-drum. One can't help but appreciate bands that still look and sound like its '92. Howling wolves, vocals that would give Nocturno Culto at his worst a run for his money, an 'Oi! Oi! Oi!' marching chorus, and corpse-paint in the snow pics: greeeaatttt!

Ravens Empire sound almost identical to the Vlad Tepes as represented by 'March to the Black Holocaust' - but with slightly messier vocals. A reasonable amount of melody, mid-paced drumming, and an old-school thunder and rain intro/outro.

Simple and proud: a true underground 7". Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, and with a gatefold cover even.

Christhunt Prod.
c/o Marco Martin
Lagesche Straße 42
33818 Leopoldshöhe

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