Split CD

This is a classic everyone MUST own! Profanatica is a US Black Metal band that was doing this shit before most of the Norwegians even knew what BM was. And, I dare say, that they remain unsurpassed in blasphemy to this day. Well, the music...Profanatica sounds really similar to old Incantation musically (mainly because Paul Ledney & Aragon Amori were both members of Incantation before "Onward to Golgotha"). So picture Incantation-esque music with a total shit production & sick fucking Black Metal vocals spewing the most offensive blasphemies ever to be heard in this genre. Tracks such as "The Raping of the Virgin Mary" and "Spilling Holy Blood"...not to mention on the one track where Ledney stops to yell out "I VOMIT ON GOD'S CHILD!!!!". Of course, I can only support this band to a certain extent, and I will tell you why. I have a video interview with them, and through most of it, it's going to pretty well...funny as shit, actually. Towards the end, Ledney pisses in a glass, takes it in his mouth, & spits it on a bible while the rest of the band is masturbating on it. Okay, that's not the prettiest scene I have ever witnessed, but it's really nothing compared to the next one. The tape cuts to a "backstage" shot of the band & some guy sitting on the ground fucking jerking off on a bible, bad enough, right? Nope. After he "cums", Ledney picks up the bible & licks up the semen saying "total desecration & blasphemy!". Now maybe it's just me, but I can't support a band 100% who licks semen. But back to the's fucking GREAT! And if you can get it, please do so.

Masacre doesn't really need much of a review. It is semi-decent death metal from Colombia that would probably have been quite excellent if it wasn't on the same CD as such a blasphemous band as Profanatica. Still an okay listen, nevertheless.

1998 atrox666