Judas Iscariot
Thy Dying Light

Oh sweet Satanic bliss. After the wonderfully vile sounding "The Cold Earth Slept Below", Judas Iscariot have returned with another full length CD. The opening track alone is worth whatever you pay for this release, and the simple ideals behind Judas Iscariot should make you dish out in the first place. Honest black metal is a rare thing in today's day and age, and it's nice to see someone doing it so passionately!

As I mentioned in the first place, the powerful first track "But Eternals beheld his vast forests…" is simply fantastic. There's some true emotion behind Judas Iscariot, but not ruffled shirt CoF style emotion. This is what black metal was meant to be in the first place! Raw, harsh, painful, and depressing! The music is less raw sounding than the first disc though, but the feeling behind the music has evolved. Drumming is also a good deal more interesting, and vocals drip with a filthy amount of anger. Images of Darkthrone and Graveland still come to mind, and it's obvious that the modern Polish scene has had some great influence on Mr.Akhenaten, but the music is truly starting to tread it's own path here. Who knows what the future will hold for JI, but I assume it will be something positive.

I find it somewhat comedic to see how the black metal "powers" have shifted over the years. Similar to a Dynastic cycle, or even the way world power changes over time, black metal in Scandinavia has lost any true influence in the underground. Once a haven for darkness, Scandinavia has now become a fuck-puppet for the major labels. Instead, North America and Eastern Europe have stolen the black metal throne. Bizarre indeed, but it's bands like Judas Iscariot that have claimed this throne through the music and attitudes. Well done!

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