Amon Goeth
Call The Master
[Nazgul's Eyrie]

A Czech band who have been unjustly slagged and ripped by almost every reviewer (Could it be because of their name being that of a certain brutal SS officer and this being the age of the politically correct homosexuality? Hmm....). Fuck those bastards as anyone with good taste will know Amon Goeth to be a very dark and true (to the old ways) black metal band. If you're a traditionalist you'll love this band as they have all the elements that made the first wave so awesome. Dr. Fe's gruff vocal delivery is a relief to hear as the scene is over populated with Dani-eunuch of Filth vocalists. Excellent riffs (dirty, mighty and mean) with a tight rhythm section and a production that gives a clarity to all the band's power. Evil to the max and very underground. 8 songs - 43.44 m.s (With a cover of Into Crypts Of Rays to boot!!!). Heil to Amon Goeth!!!!

1998 malphas