...As the Mourners Arise

I was notified of a sound change in the band, but I really had no idea it was going to be this great. The only other release I had heard from them, their previous mCD, wasn't all that brilliant. Simple, semi-primitive and semi-raw black metal. It came very far from impressing me, but this disc has obviously allowed them to clean the slate for new listeners, since it's such a huge progression.

If you've ever followed my reviews, you'll know how I despise synth soaked, melodic black metal. This is exactly what "..As the Mourners Arise" is. Very much filled with deep keyboard work, and tons of atmospheric riffs. Some band are capable of pulling this off (in some spots) though. Profanum for example. I assume the key is to never step into the realms of: gothdom, utter boredom, or plain old CHEESE. Lycanthropy successfully pass those tests in a good chunk of the tracks.

The first track is simply superb, easily one of the best atmospheric metal tracks I have EVER heard. It's just so incredibly dark and melancholic; you'll be running for the razor blades immediately after hearing it. This truly is a standout track, and makes the CD worth purchasing EASILY because of it. I only wish it had lasted longer…..perhaps this release should have been an mCD?

There's some filler tracks here and there, but some other excellent songs such as "Alas the Sunless Earth" pop up. Production is a tad muddy and thin; the band could easily do so much better with some proper financial backing in the studio. Drumming is decently varied, guitars play an important part in terms of riffs, and the keyboards are technical. The vocals actually remind me of Pest from Obtained Enslavement/Gorgoroth. Fans of Obtained Enslavement, Profanum, and I guess the first Dimmu Borgir EP will probably appreciate this.

A good chunk of this disc bores me to death, the rest makes me jump to a new track immediately, and the few moments here and there that make my ears perk up are quite stellar. Basically, if Lycanthropy were able to create an album with more tracks like the first song, they would be pure genius. Time will tell.

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