Towards the Frozen Stream
[No Colours]

This is awfully disappointing, specifically for a No Colours release. I'm quite certain the only reason this was even released was to grab some extra cash from the ever growing 'melodic, atmospheric' synth drenched pseudo-black metal scene. Take a hefty dosage of Dimmu Borgir, toss in a little Summoning, add some incredibly bad female vocals, and you have yourself a Vordven CD.

There's actually some decent keyboard work here, and certain moments hold something a little special, but overall this is a waste of time. If you like Dimmu Borgir, you will probably enjoy this (no, they aren't that awful, just similar). If you can't stand easy-listening black metal with generic atmospheres, or music that is geared towards fans of the fall of black metal, you will hate this. I sure do.

1998 brand