Unchained Heather Wrath

This ex-Hellcult project offers a variety of styles on one disc. The first song reminds of Burzum's slower-paced, almost droning metal cuts. The second song can find a reference point in mid-era Darkthrone. The third tune is highly folkish in nature with puffed-up "Viking" vocals ala Storm. The fourth song finds itself wrapped in the low-fi, rehearsal blackmetal style of the French underground. In the fifth song, Wyrd finds a more original voice with a slow-paced, somewhat folky and melancholic sounding riff. Then again on the sixth song, Wyrd can be compared to the simple (yet effective) German-style Oi-black metal of Absurd. And finally, the last track is an atmospheric key orchestrated Tolkien-esque ditty. Despite all the references to other bands, Wyrd impresses with their ability to create a good song with a classic low-fi production. A decent debut which will keep this reviewer on the lookout for the next release.

2001 j. mcintyre