Into Darkness
[Nuclear Blast/Futurist]

Quite possibly the most depressing doom album of all time. Imagine Celtic Frost on valium, and you'd have Winter, although even that doesn't live up to their true sound.

This album sounds like it was recorded with 2 basses. Whereas a band like Necromantia will use one bass as a guitar, Winter creates a wall of black doom, no fancy riffing, no lead work, just muffled power chords and drums, with floating keyboards that create a simply STELLAR atmosphere.

"Servants Of The Warsmen" is the fastest song on the whole CD, but even then, things are at a sickly snail's-pace, showing their Celtic-Frost-influences with pride. When "Goden" comes on, it's hide-the-razorblades time. This monstrous sloth of a beast is the soundscape to the barren wastelands of the void. You are lost, without hope and everything is in slow motion. A review I once read of this album likened this song to visions of a giant Titanium church pipe-organ sinking into a black pit radioactive sludge.

Listen to this album alone, with the lights turned out, drugs optional, and I guarantee you'll be hypnotized. To call it "trance-like" would be an understatement, and also an insult. Trance doesn't even begin to describe this CD. Winter's fobwatch is about 20 metres in diameter, made of solid lead, and is swinging from the top of the World Trade Building...Open your mind to Winter.

1998 brett