Heroic Zarathustrian Heresy

Zarathustra plays what they call "Pure Traditional BlackMetal". Their self-analysis proves correct as one can hear early styles from most players of the early 90s black metal revival. Norse black metal with its majestic and sinister überchord progressions, Swedish black metal with its out-and-out speed and Greek black metal with its somewhat off-kilter sense of melody and rhythm (for these American ears). Zarathustra's songs are epic, dark and straightforward. "Catchy" isn't really a word I would use to describe Zarathustra, but that is rarely a bad thing. Their lyrics are a little goofy, but of course, English is not their primary language, so that is easily dismissed as"not a problem". A fine release of good old black metal with no frivolous keys or clean vox. The full-length is pretty much in the same vein.

© 2001 j. mcintyre