Destroyer 666
Unchain The Wolves
[Modern Invasion]

Destroyer 666 fucking shred...anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete fucking nimrod - sure, we are all entitled to our own opinions, but your opinion isn't worth shit if you cant recognize the brilliance in a band such as this.

Destroyer 666 first emerged with their "Violence Is The Prince Of This World" debut - a great first effort which showcased a band with a great deal of potential (especially on tracks such as "Eternal Glory Of War"), but this (their sophomore release) is where all that potential has finally come to fruition. Everything about this CD exudes sheer fucking animalistic energy - the artwork (wolves and corpses - great combination), the production (thick as hell without being polished to the nth degree)... and the lyrics...oh, the lyrics...they alone place Destroyer 666 fucking mountains above your average metal band...a steady stream of rebellious hateful misanthropic musings. Musically, this has a great old school feel to it (without being "retro" in any way at all), and I detected a fairly significant RAZOR influence running through it (which I think is no coincidence considering KK Warslut gives thanks/appreciation to ex-RAZOR frontman Stace "Sheepdog" MacLaren...which KK happens to sound quite a bit like - not in tone, but they both share a common phrasing and gruffness)... most of the tracks are mid-paced to fairly quick (but nothing as fast as Bestial Warlust - the band KK Warslut defected from), and all have a certain groove to them which instantly embeds itself into the listeners head and refuses to go away - I constantly found myself humming "Unchain The Wolves" and "Australian And Anti-Christ" - something I don't often do. Highlights of the CD are the two above tracks as well as the opener "Genesis To Genocide", but the entire CD is fucking excellent - not a duff or filler track amongst them.

It took me a good year after this was released to finally pick it up - that equals 12 long gone months that could have been spent appreciating this...don't make the same mistake - get this ASAP. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start kicking yourself in the head for waiting so long, and the sooner this will become a constant mainstay in your CD player (as it is in mine)...unless of course you're one of those sad sad SOBs who's opinion isn't worth shit...

1999 chorazaim