Into Fire
[No Colours]

HELLFIRE... do not be mistaken, this is not the other swedish (pre-MERCILESS) band Hellfire that ruled over thrash death metal circa 1986. This HELLFIRE realised its first album in 1999 on No Colours records (the label of such brilliant bands as Graveland, Veles, Forgotten woods...). It is obvious that this (these ?) guy(s) listened too much to early BATHORY albums ("Bathory" and "The return...") & maybe HELLHAMMER / VENOM stuff, as their music is a complete replica of this old gods' one. Even the titles are...influenced : what the Hell were these guys thinking when they chose such song titles as "The reaper", or "Rise of the dead" ????

Anyway, the music is completely killer, it'll make you remember when black metal was raw and frightening, ugly-sounding, evil and full of thrash metal influence. This primitive recording will satisfy you if you're nostalgic of Black Metal in its purest, rawest form (the one from the early days) and (isn't it of course the same ?) if you like old BATHORY LPs. If not, leave the scene & fuck off ! This is the B.M. cult .

2001 lord pesten