Bound For Glory
When The Hammer Falls

Bound For Glory are a White Power band. Gasp!!! Those bastards at LARM! are at it again. Their sound is rooted in the power/thrash metal vein hence the review. The disc commences in ho-hum fashion with 'Valhalla's Calling' (with a title like that one would expect more inspired number) and the boring instrumental 'Back In Jail Again'. Things pick up a bit with 'Winds Of Changes' with it's cool acoustic guitar work and the catchy 'Aryan Nations'. From here on in the band starts to win you over with their chorus inventiveness and sense of rhythm. Those two attributes are the strength of this band. They can rock-out when they put their minds to it. They're sort of the metal version of Skrewdriver. A good friend of mine thinks the vocalist sounds a wee bit constipated, I disagree... he's just an angry young man. Overall I must say that this is a decent CD by a band that shows promise. 11 songs 51:31 m:s

1999 malphas