Restless And Dead

I don't like the Necropolis label preferring to refer to it as Ne-crap-olis. Best thing they got going is having Nifelheim on their label. This disc has appeared on many top 10's of the past year. Is this band worthy of all the praise? Well let's see. I hear thrash. It does have that eighties feel and spirit to it, so that's ok. I've heard better vocals that sound more evil but the rasp suits the style I guess. The guitar work is quite good and for the most part often catchy ('Awaiting The Exorcist' is a prime example). 'Into Purgatory' is a very good track with it's rip ride of riffage. Gotta say as this disc moves along I find myself getting into it. It's kind of cool though I'm not quite as enthused as the countless others who have heard this disc and put it on their best of lists. It's alright and enjoyable but Desaster are still the best in creating this type of music. One last thing, the advertisements for the CD rule. I say yes to more naked hot looking Nuns with amazing breasts!!!

1999 malphas