Morbid Angel
Altars of Madness

I feel a bit funny reviewing this album, because everyone should have it already. But in case you do not, go and get it. This album is about Satan. This album is METAL. In fact, I did not actually buy this for myself until the beginning of this year. And the first time I heard it was a couple of years ago. Yes, I am proof that this album still has the power to capture a new listener. Of course, I do not know if it means anything to the new generation of aestheticists who did not listen to metal back in the 80ís and only care for shallow entertainment and music for fun. This album is so essential that I would even say that you donít understand death metal if you donít understand this. The insisting, fast, relentless rhythm along with the advanced guitar techniques (palm-muting!) is what defines Morbid Angel. The unique demonic riffs and solos flow freely above the music with such a light movement that it is almost impossible for one to sit still during this record. It provokes action and movement but stirring up the free will/soul/consciousness to resist the norms and "social necessity" that is encumbering us down. Morbid Angelís tone here is definitely dark but it is never oppressed or fatalist. Of course there are bitches around who say that this is only cool for 13-year-olds but I do not have a problem with that if it equals "non-conformity"! David Vincentís voice on this album is not as deep as has been the trend for death metal, but it never lacks in aggression. His intonations are rhythmically accurate and also have a fine theatrical sense that leaves his invocations, curses and blasphemies floating in your mind for long after the record has stopped playing.

Now Iíll go and listen to "Chapel of Ghouls" for the 666th time. Morbid Angel rules.

© 1999 black hate