Rotting Christ
Satanas Tedeum

Quite possibly the best thing Rotting Christ have ever done, being eclipsed only by their earth shattering album, "Thy Mighty Contract". This was originally released as a demo in 1989, but it easily stood the test of well in fact that I'd say this shits all over most "modern" black metal. Production is basic, fuzzy, and vicious as hell, with a grainy edge covering everything (the guitar sound is phenomenally evil). Lyrics are of course in the vein of all early Rotting Christ - satanic without being OTT, and very well written. Get this NOW, as I HIGHLY recommended it (you'll be rewarded with 18 of the greatest minutes of your life in return). It's a pity that Rotting Christ have abandoned everything that made them once great...

1999 chorazaim