One look of the cover art should alleviate any suspense over expectations of the forthcoming music. Seriously heavy. Totally withstanding the test of time with it's pummeling power still intact today. The band continued from where 'War And Pain' left off and went full steam ahead with intensity and power. Snake's vocals grated across the eardrums while the rest of the band raged on from the get go. This CD pounds and thrashes with songs like 'Korgull The Exterminator', 'Fuck Off And Die', 'Ripping Headaches' (one for the speed addicted) and 'To The Death'. Great stuff throughout, art (Away's covers ruled!), lyrics (love the chicken scratch!) and photos. It's all here baby!!! Now I'm gonna go and drop my pill and tear some wimp rockers limb from limb.

1999 malphas