Soldiers of Hell
[II Moons]

A pretty decent CD. Imagine a cross between early Marduk with a bit of (early again) Emperor and a sprinkling of old-school sensibilities (well, more like Dissection around "The Somberlain"), and you'd come up with something like this. The pace is generally fast and frantic, but slower morbid parts are also chucked in here & there for good measure. Reminds me of what "In The Nightside Eclipse" might sound like if it was less chaotic. I really wasn't expecting much from this band (what with the Dark Funeralesque band photos), but I was pleasantly surprised. II Moons seem to be releasing a lot of high quality stuff recently, and this continues on in that tradition. Highlights on the CD are "Death, Darkness & Destruction" (great slower paced mid-section) and "Lucifers Fellowship". A worthwhile purchase, especially for those of you who have recently been disappointed with Emperor becoming so "sophisticated" that they've managed to disappear up their own arseholes...

1999 chorazaim