The Singles 80-86

A must have. Here are some of Venom's coolest tunes all together on one CD. First off we got 'In League With Satan'. A great song opening up with a little satanic backwards masking and then building up to anthemn proportions. Next up we got 'Live Like An Angel'. A song that I really never cared for 'til a close friend did his rendition, now I fucking love the song!!! Cool almost out of tune guitar riff. 'Bloodlust' follows and it is probably Venom's most recognized tune. Still an excellent number. "C'mon turn it up"!!! 'In Nomine Satanas' is my alltime favourite Venom track. Great lyrics and a very cool riff that would make the Master proud!!! 'Die Hard' is the first ho-hum song on the disc. Never liked it's chorus which has Mantas barking out "Die Hard!!!". 'Acid Queen' is another poor song made up of two riffs which appear in better songs ('Cry Wolf' and 'Powerdrive'). The disapointment is shortlived as the next three songs are pretty cool : 'Bursting Out' (cool skinsbashin' by Abaddon), 'Warhead' (alternating between slow and midpace with great Cronos growls) and 'Ladylust' (a speedbanger!). 'Seven Gates of Hell', 'Manitou' and 'Dead of Nite' finish off the cd in fine fashion. Monster tunes of black metal, underproduced but totally ass-kicking!!! Grab a brew, throw this on and enjoy!!!

1999 malphas