Death Shall Rise
[Vinyl Solution/ Restless]

Old school death metal from 1991. Guitarist John Walker's gory vocals reminds me of Evil Chuck from Death's 2nd & 3rd albums(Leprosy, Spiritual Healing), as does the riffing. When the drumming gets fast, also reminds me on Ron Sumners (Slaughter) too. Good shtuff! And with James Murphy handling the solos, you know they'll be wailing yet classy.

The sound is pretty heavy considering it was produced by Scott Burns at Morrisound (infamous for their 'let's make the drums sound like pillows' FX). Some days I really get into this cd, other days I find it average, but who am I to judge since I don't know what the other 4 strings on my guitar are for? 1. 3:24 Hung, Drawn And Quartered
2. 4:54 Tasteless Incest
3. 4:03 Burning Casket
4. 5:44 Death Shall Rise
5. 4:59 Back From The Dead
6. 4:31 Gruesome Tasks
7. 2:32 Corpse Fire
8. 5:52 Internal Decay

2001 mlotek