Wake Up And Smell The Carcass

This 1996 release is a damn fine retropsective of Carcass. This includes, I think, ALL non-lp tracks, if you missed any ep's or compilation albums (Well, almost all. I wish their "Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment"demo was here, as well as The Peel Sessions).

From the 'death-rock' of unreleased Swansong material to their earlier grindcore gore, it's now evident to me, as pointed out by the dictator of this site, that Megadeth had a profound influence. Yes, Carcass were the brutal, technical death metal equivalent to (way back when) speed/thrash metal gods Megadeth. Carcass showed you can use melodies and still be heavy.

You get liner notes and pics. I read the Japanese import is a double-cd culling a few tracks from every album, plus like 5 live tracks. Definitely will satisfy the Carcass fan/completist, or someone looking for a good introduction to the band (R.I.P.) 1. 6:08 Edge of Darkness
2. 4:15 Emotional Flatline
3. 4:05 Ever Increasing Circles
4. 4:41 Blood Slattered Banner
5. 3:50 I Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
(Unreleased from "Swansong" sessions, Feb-April 1995)

6. 4:05 Buried Dreams
7. 4:51 No Love Lost
8. 3:44 Rot `N` Roll
9. 5:48 Edge Of Darkness
(Radio 1 Rock Show session, Oct'94, transmission 6 November 94, BBC)

10. 4:08 This Is Your Life
11. 3:49 Rot `N` Roll
(from the "Heartwork" EP, Sept'93)

12. 3.05 Tools Of The Trade
13. 3:09 Pyosisified (Still Rotten To The Gore)
14. 6:38 Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II
(from the "Tools Of The Trade" EP, July-Nov'91)

15. 3:00 Genital Grinder II
16. 6:61 Hepatic Tissue Fermentation
(from the "Pathological" compilation, August 1989)

17. 4:18 Exhume To Consume
(from the "Grindcrusher" compilation, February 1989)

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