Frozen Shadows
Dans les Bras des Immortels

Song listing :

1.Dans les Bras des Immortels (9min 23)
2.Forsaken Whispers (4min 17)
3.Beyond the Pallid Vales (7min 30)
4.Of Pain and Insufferable Torment (4min 13)
5.Au Seuil des Ténèbres (4min 29) -from the demo, "Empires de Glace"
6.Lunes Funèbres (9min 52)
7.Under Horrid Skies (7min 38)

Total time : 47min 22

Finally here is the first, long awaited (well in my case) full length album by this band from Québec. Here the music is much like the demo : dark, brutal, very cold black metal, in the vein of early emperor : it's due to the keyboards, they are in the style of those on "In the Nightside Eclipse", but less present. The songs are faster, more aggressive than on the demo, and the atmosphere is more hateful, less desperate (sadly, because I loved the last song on "Empires De Glace", it was so sorrowful!). The music itself is hard to describe ... maybe they have a "Scandinavian sound", somewhat like Gorgoroth I think (only some moments). The drumming is brilliant, done by the guitarist, Alvater, who's more competent than the former drummer from the demo. The vocals have improved too, they are a bit less high, which is a very good thing IMO, because now they are really hateful.

The production is excellent : all the melodies are now listenable, and the guitars still have this grim, fuzzy (primitive? I don't know the right term) sound. Another good thing is the use of French in the lyrics, on three of the seven songs, which pleases my nationalist fibre (or something). Anyway, all the lyrics deals with death, crushing the holy... this is very nihilist, dark and beautiful poetry I think.

Finally, the packaging is very beautiful : great cover art, a bit in the style of Necrolord's drawings for "The Secrets of the Black Arts" (Dark Funeral) and "Storm of the Light's Bane" (Dissection). Inside the booklet there are a pic of each member, in the forest at winter, and in the middle of it another drawing, which represents a fierce werewolf. All this suits well with the music and the lyrics...

Conclusion : a really good album, refreshing, of pure black metal art. Scan of the cover to come, sorry about that...

© 1999 cythrawl