[Posercorpse/Head Not Found]

The greatest 8:08 long mCD ever recorded, and proof that when Necrobutcher isn't too busy hamming it up in Mayhem, he can manage to find something much more interesting to do. Kvikksolvguttene (try saying that really fast 3 times when drunk) play a high energy blend of old school sensibility deaththrash and modern school black metal, and they do it well. The guitars are crunchy as hell, the bass is right in your face, the drums clunk along at various speeds, and the vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Kreator, but a bit more hoarse sounding. Actually, this entire mCD has a great amount in common with the "Endless Pain" CD - think of it as the best 9 minutes of "Endless Pain" spread out over 3 tracks). Other noticeable comparisons would be (older) Mayhem, and I also heard a slight (once again, early) Slayer influence, along with a tinge of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost in the last track...and that's about all there is to say about this (hell, it's only 8 fucking minutes, what else can I possibly say about it ?)...grab it if you find at a decent price, as it's sure not to disappoint. Oh, and check out that great back cover - a pentagram formed out of what appears to be cocaine...now THAT is fucking genius...or a lot of Ajax, I'm not sure which...

1999 chorazaim