Demo 1997

Insane. Intense. Chaotic. This tape is totally a wall of black/death metal furious noise. This 15 minute, 4 song tape (Intro, Churchyard Necromancy, Autumns Thorns, Outro) can either be loved or hated, no in between ground. The shrieking vocals are indecipherable screams, reminding me of an old demo act DEATH TRIPPER from Texas in the mid-80s (wish I had those tapes still!) Maybe imagine being on PCP, possessed, and turning into a wolf! Yeah, not girly sounding, more like being in torment! Musically, this is brutal in the vein of Beherit or Blasphemy. The muffled, dirty production suits the mayhem, if this wasn't low-fi/ bottom-heavy, maybe I wouldn't enjoy it as much. I wouldn't mind hearing their newer stuff! Hopefully they don't release vinyl-only releases ,as I know Sabazios Diabolus (AxeGrinding/Bulldozer Sepultural Voice) is part of that dying breed called the record collector!

I think it's steep to pay this much but, since I enjoy the tape, I guess it was worth it. Send $5 US(Trades welcome) to:

c/o Bernard Asquin
9830 78 Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 1N3,

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