Filth Hounds Of Hades

You probably have heard of them, seen a used album, if you're old enough , possibly seen their videos for "Turn Your Head Around", or "Crazy Horses"(!), but TANK's debut album, Filth Hounds.. originally released in 1982, is a must have for any die hard metal head. This is head bangin' and rockin' in the MOTORHEAD vein (Fast Eddie Clarke produced). Algy Ward's vocals are rough, but sort of like the songs, streamlined. The only disappointment in this CD is the exclusion of two tracks. The original vinyl came with a bonus 7" single w/Don't Walk Away(live), and The Snake. (The only way you can hear Don't Walk Away is on a SODOM single, and they cover it brilliantly.) Despite no lyric sheet (short bio and discography instead) this is a solid CD. All good songs, faves still are Run Like Hell, Turn Your Head Around, Heavy Artillery, the strangely titled (He Fell In Love With A) Stormtrooper, and my theme song, Blood, Guts And Beer!!

1999 mlotek