1. Intro
2. Reborn Through Hate
3. When Angels Die
4. Intro (Nosferatu)
5. Nosferatu
6. Suicide Command
7. Spiral Dream
8. R.I.P.
9. Coma
10. Fried Alive
11. Intro (Totentanz)
12. Totentanz
13. Outro

Another fucken killer swiss band from the eighties. What the hell was happening over there?!? With their 1987 debut "R.I.P." (and their excellent demo, "Deathcult" which was recently bootlegged on to CD), Switzerland's CORONER step out from CELTIC FROST's shadow, and into metal legendom.

Technically far superior to The Frost, although not so blunt and catchy, Coroner specialised in their own particular brand of subliminally infectious speed metal, black enough to warm the cold hearts of the crustiest blackmetaller. A blackmetaller's speed metal band, but not a speedmetaller's black metal band...if that makes sense.

Marquis Marky (winner, most homosexual pseudonym award) thumps the shit out of his tubs with clockwork precision, easily holding his own with the best of them. Tommy T. Baron wanks his guitar off in perfect sync with the rest of the band, sometimes too much, and it makes me wonder if he owned any Yngwie Malmsteen records when he was a kid. Solos abound. Vocalist/bassist Ron Royce draws heavily on Tom G. Warrior's famous deathgrunts and hoarsely restraints, and cuts loose with his bass lines during the title track, resulting in a sound easily rivals the mighty SADUS on their first album "Chemical Exposure" (or "Illusions", depending on how tru3 you are).

A classic album, from a classically underrated band...even if they did have a rather peculiar fascination with their stage names.

1999 brett