Judas Iscariot
Heaven in Flames
[At War]

I was sent this taped version of the album before the synth parts had been included, so I'm not sure what the final product will sound like.

I believe this is the fourth full length album by this American one man band. I'm generally not too fond of American black metal, with exceptions for Krieg, Veltmacht, the first Grand Belial's Key demo and very few others, but this must surely be one of the best extreme acts to unleash hatred from American soil.

At the very beginning Judas Iscariot sounded sort of like a blend between Darkthrone and Burzum very inspired by early Graveland. Based on this style Akhenaten has now definitely developed and created a style of his own. Chilling, intimidating and vile riffs, snarling grim voice and drum beats varying between mid-tempo and fast, all this in a primitive and quite dry production. The strongest component of this recording is definitely the atmosphere it creates. Very hostile and misanthropic.

This is the sort of album that you should listen to a few times before you really get into it. Once you do, it fucking shreds.

1999 blodsband