One Last Sin
One Last Sin

Their name is a little misleading, one might be expecting black metal - but it's not. One Last Sin is a thrash/hard-core style band from New York. I received a promo demo containing two songs; 'Face of Neglect' & 'Mercy', this is but a couple of trax that will appear on their 13 track CD on Released Power Productions in Belgium. Vox (Mike Ferrara), are done in a the Samael vein, which sounds really good with the hard-core rhythms provided by the bass (Jay Thruston) & drums (Joel Sheveck). Guitars have a crunchy texture-hence the thrash influence, (John Brandow & Dan Stevens). One Last Sin's CD is scheduled for release September 21st. I bet the mosh pit is huge when One Last Sin pumps out their moshable beats live. One Last Sin is definitely a band worth checking out.

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Contact Address:One Last Sin, 37 Weston Ave., Fishkill, NY 12524
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