Cabaret For Bereaved
Demo 1995

I got this demo a couple years ago in a tape trade (thrown in for free) and back then I could understand why. The production is utterly horrible. The drums, aside from being laughably simple, sound like buckets being thumped, the guitars are drowned out by the bass and the vocals are so low in the mix, one would have a hernia straining to hear them. Ironically, the keyboards are the best-played and loudest instrument, which does nothing to harm the music or make it sound goth.

This all sounds terribly bad, and to be truthful, it is. But. . . but, I like it. It's so crappy, I can't help but like it. Besides, they're from Finland.

Musically it's slow blackened doom/death and during the slower parts, it can actually get pretty good, with somber clean guitar laid over subdued, buzzsaw-ish guitar and the aforementioned kitchenware. This is for lo-fi demo freaks only. Well, if you dig Ghastly Secret, you'll appreciate the spirit in which this demo was recorded, too.

1999 goden