The First Possession

Warloghe are made up of two warriors by the names of Lord Torht Tyrannus and Morath Worlock. Warloghe play a grim, ugly, raw form of black metal, as many would state, "the way black metal is supposed to be played".

The First Possession consists of eight tracks, from start to finish showing no signs of slowing down or lightening up. Present within Warloghe's raging chaotic madness are moments of deep sorrow, as best presented on the song -Once More Against The Light (For Satan)-, three minutes into, where brutal chaos transforms into a primitive, sorrowful melody, then transcends back to its' roots in grim darkness for the cycle to be repeated later in the song.

The drumming, on some parts, sounds somewhat thin and hollow, I would say this doesn't hurt the music, instead, fits well in some parts where it seems to be done purposely. Vocally, Warloghe use a rougher edged and brutal (not in the death metal sense) voice as most will find familiar to Darkthrone.

Warloghe are not for the symphonic at heart, they play -Pure Unholy Black Metal-, for those who would rather find 'rapture' in its' grimness.

Personal Favorites: Black Metal Hell, Once More Against The Light (For Satan)

1999 alasdor