Pungent Stench
Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats
[Nuclear Blast]

This 1993 CD is some fucked up shit. Well, look at that cover pic! After a weird spoken electronic intro praising themselves, the second song "viva la muerte" starts off with a groovin' '70s/ Zappa type riff before banging like a motherfucker! Kind of funny hearing this grindy, dirty death metal band rock out, and bark "Oh yeah! ... Bay-beh!" The humour and coolness continue throughut this short weird CD, check out the cover of The Mentors' "Four F Club". Anyone politically correct willl squirm, be shocked, yadda yadda yadda. They can suck my dick too, useless douchebags. Pungent Stench are definitely not for everyone, and now this has made me curious enough to hunt down other releases by them.

1. 2:14 praise the names of the musical assassins
2. 5:22 viva la muerte
3. 3:49 why can the bodies fly
4. 4:26 blood, pus and gastric juice (rare groove-mix)
5. 4:27 horny little piggy bank
6. 5:13 four f club
7. 7:50 blood, pus and gastric juice (tekkno-house-mix)

2001 mlotek