Wind of the Black Mountains
Force Fed Into Blasphemy

I was expecting something really crude from this US one-man black metal act after seeing the picture in the back side of this EP (”Tchort sucking blood from mistress’ little cunt”). But I was surprised that the material actually sounds quite polished. It’s sufficiently well-produced to be above demo level.

There is no doubt about the black metal-ness of this. There are female vocals and acoustic guitars in the beginning of the title song but most of the time in this 7” is spent sawing dark, simple power chord riffs over mid-paced drumming and rasping blasphemous summonings with malevolence. The old-school basis of the material is enforced also by the choice of Bathory ”Rite of Darkness” cover song (sounding very close to the original) for the B side.

There is a solid edge to it that has made me really consider to get his full-length album. Influences are easily traced in this material, it is not as brutal or satanik as I would prefer, but there is a calm dark harmony to it. In his full-length, I suspect, there might be an amount of variation to actually reach the depths that this EP suggests, but does not wholly accomplish because of the short length and the mediocre SPIRIT of it.

© 1999 black hate