Awaken the Dragon
[Dark Matter]

This is the Austrian demon-invoker Pazuzuís second full-length album, currently out of print because of the defunctional state of Dark Matter Records, but it is scheduled to be soon re-released by Avantgarde with bonus tracks.

Pazuzu has always been associated with metal and metal audience, even if any of his work (under this project name) has never had one chord played with electric guitars or bass, or ever had one drumbeat played with real drums. I do see the connection very well, because this is the kingdom of steel and metal presented in the cinematic soundtrack/synth epic format that is familiar to metal audiences from numerous stirring intros and interludes; and considering the popularity of Pazuzu and also inferior stuff like Mortiis, apparently has also a place outside intros and outros.

So, the two main aural participants here are Pazuzuís trusty synths and his vocals, with emphasis this time on the clean-spoken story-telling/invocation/declaration mode, as opposed to the satanik growl/scream/whisper mode which was domineering the darker first album ĒÖAnd All Was SilentĒ. There is nothing in the structures and compositions here that could be called sophisticated or neo-classical or very musically proficient. Itís very simple and effective, if you get into the atmosphere. This is very easy listening and I would despise this as entertainment, were it not for the metallic undertones of the themes and tunes. All of the songs are composed from a couple of catchy, stirring or simply mood-creating melodies played with a fitting sound sample, structured loosely into a passage to create a sonic background for the tales Pazuzuís voice tells of fantasy worlds of dragons, swords, sorcery, demons and emperors.

There is a definite connection in feel to what Summoning has accomplished with his Tolkien black metal epics and it is not surprising, because both members of Summoning also appear as guest composers on this recording.

Not a masterpiece, simple fantasy music to inspire you by the fireplace on a winter night.

© 1999 black hate