Hobbs Angel of Death
Hobbs Angel of Death

With a band photo surrounded by a border made to look like the Australian continent, and a sleeve photo of the group hanging out with some kangaroos, I think it's safe to say that Destroyer666 weren't the first band to make it clear that they hail from Australia! And talking about Destroyer666, unless I'm mistaken, bassist Philip Gresik is the "old dog taught new tricks" as a current member of Destroyer666 (and Long Voyage Back?). Although I'm probably wrong.

Obvious fans of early Slayer, the music, production, and sometimes vocals seem like you're listening to "Hell Awaits". And although released in 1988, you can see that the band may have even taken a little from the opening track on "Reign in Blood" by using "Angel of Death" as their moniker.

Still, the heathens rip through the nine tracks they come up with, the obvious standouts being "Jack the Ripper", "Satan's Crusade" (which sounds VERY modern in terms of melody), and "House of Death". When Hobbs spews out his version of "Hail Mary" on "Satan's Crusade", I can't help but smirk...

BTW: The track listing is incorrect on the rear of the LP. The Side "A" and "B" are marked incorrectly.

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