We Await the Secret Conspiracy
[Black Hammer]

Total fucking Satanic death metal maniacs from Uruguay, what a secret these heathens are! I'm shocked and impressed how deeply buried in the underground Ossuary are. I have knowledge of their demo, which poked fun at Slayer and Hellhammer ("Show no Mercy"/Show no Thirsty", "Satanic Rites"/"Alcoholic Rites"), which was a re-release of the "The Black Wind Whispers from the Coast" demo. This CD has two new songs, two live tracks, and a ripping Sarcofago cover.

The band are like a nuclear assault with poor sound, with the only thing holding them back being the weak production. I assume it's rather costly, if not impossible, to find decent studio time in Uruguay, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the studio tracks have extremely poor production. It's funny listening to the live tracks, since they are tight reproductions of the studio work. You can imagine if the band had the proper facilities what they would be capable of. This is technically rehearsal quality material.

This doesn't stop the band though, as they are METAL WARRIORS. "We Await the Secret Conspiracy" is Satanic death metal indeed, with a strong influence ranging from Morbid Angel, to the early Brazilian pre-black metal scene. Especially when it comes to the vocals. They even slow down here and there for a slower clean guitar bit, or a bass solo leading into a melodic guitar one.

I heartily recommend this band. I can't believe these metal blasphemers are being ignored for teenage virgins dressed up in black cloaks pretending to be evil and NS. LABELS: Learn where to put your fucking support! How about the TRUE METAL UNDERGROUND??!!??

1999 brand