Iniquitous Cyclical Curse

The sheer cheapness of this just reeks of black metal. Being limited to 88 numbered copies doesn't exactly guarantee that many of you will have the chance to hear it either. It still works though, and I'd like to see this band on a 7". Frost aren't far off from a good deal of NS black metal bands in the German scene today actually.

The intro is fucking miserable, and could have been cut out, as it takes away from the other songs. Fast, brutal vocals, ah fuck, we all know the formula. But sometimes this formula really stinks, so I suppose that's what makes Frost above-average in the "grim" world of super-underground black metal. It's just not worthy of anything but a passing mention.

c/o Sven Goldberg (cough..that last name?!?)
38226 Salzgitter

1999 brand