Zpoan Vtenz
Gime Nugalet
[Dangus Productions/Neat Metal]

Zpoan Vtenz can be classified under the Storm genre of folk music played ala metal, and is a side project of a Poccolus member. But imagine Storm played with massive keyboards, a better guitar sound, better production, and sung in Lithuanian. The production here is excellent really, and the musicians are obviously all rather professional at what they do. "Tracks are based on old Lithuanian war songs" indeed, and although using various modern instruments, the music does take on a very epic and battle ready feel. Great guitar and keyboard sound! An impressive album in its entirety actually!

Besides the indeed momentous folk-metal making up this album, loaded with impressive keyboards, acoustic guitars, occasional female vocals (sung by a professional folk singer apparently), and that great crunchy (ancient) sounding guitar sound, there's also a smidgen of black metal tossed onto the pile. More in the vein of slower, dreary Burzum, it works nicely with the opposing tracks of clean vocals. Fucking great album, and much respect to Dangus Productions and the Baltic scene for releasing such quality material! Neat metal (UK) not so long ago also made the excellent choice of releasing this on CD (I think).

1999 brand