Sadistik Exekution
The Magus
[Vampire '86/'91]

Wow, this is really brutal black/death metal album! It reminds me of ancient bands like early Mayhem and Beherit! When was it released? '93? No! What really blows everyone away is that this was released in 1986! Who the fuck were Sadistik Exekution possibly influenced by (besides evil??!!)??!! You can maybe hear a little "Sentence of Death" (released only two years prior to this, and much less vile), but this is YEARS ahead of itself in terms of brutality and sheer insanity! 'Satanic Lust' to "INRI', "Morbid Visions": '86-'87; "In the Sign of Evil" '85; Morbid Angel in maturing stages, "The Return" in '85. You can see what I'm trying to say (I hope!).

Best tracks: Title track, "Sadistikly Exekuted", and the classiest title ever: "Ill kill you, you bastard". Grim insane black vocals, riff after riff after solo after solo after BLAST BEAT. This is just brutal extreme metal that you can hear evolving in many another early 90s blackevil bands. But released in 1986? It's hard to believe. Only complaint would be the loud intro dropping off into the muffled music production I suppose.

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