Frozen Shadows
Empires de Glace

1- Au Seuil des Ténèbres (6:56)
2- Adrift in the sepulchral snow (4:21)
3- Return to Supremacy (4:20)
4- Forests of Perdition (7:25)
5- Coldest infinity (8:35)

Total time of this demo : 31min 37


"Empires de Glace" (it means Empires of Ice in French) is the first (and only) demo done by Frozen Shadows, from Montréal, Québec and I have been surprised by the quality and the originality of their music. They play violent black metal, and it's hard to compare them with any other band... Many people think it's an Emperor clone due to a somewhat similar use of keyboards but they are wrong. The guitar sound is raw, fuzzy but not hear tearing. Another interesting thing : the keyboards are great and give to the music a very cold, dark and depressing atmosphere. The vocals are very good, unique (very high and tortured), and fits well with the texts. The lyrics are often about an Immortal being, about death, frost, etc... The drumming is similar to Enslaved' on "Frost" and is excellent, sometimes extremely fast. All the songs are pretty good. There is some calm moments on the demo with clear vocals. The last song, "Coldest Infinity", is my favourite : it is pure despair transformed in music! Arrgh!
"Empires de Glace" is just a demo, so the production is not perfect. It is, sometimes, difficult to hear all the subtleties of the guitars and the drums have a little garbage sound. Except this, the production is ok for a demo.
"Empires de Glace" is available on cassette only with a booklet which contains a band photo and the lyrics, and it costs only 6$. Click here if you want more information about this great band. It is the official band's web site.

Good points :
- Great singer
- Excellent keyboards
- Depressing and very cold atmosphere

Bad points :
- Really, except the average production, there is no bad point.

Conclusion : "Empires de Glace" is an excellent demo and you must buy it if you like brutal BM.

A little excerpt from the booklet : :
Thanks to no-one but ourselves...
A sneer of disdain goes to all the local fakes.
Your inferior minds will never grasp
The True Essence of Black Metal... Die!!

© 1999 cythrawl