Satanic Symphonies
[Unsung Heroes]

This is a 1997 rehearsal recorded on a boombox/ghetto blaster with only Lord Vic (vocals, guitar) and Paul Bearer ("drums", accoustic guitar). This CDR is for diehard Rampage fans only, and those like me who like it raw and underproduced. By the way, the "drums" sound like cardboard boxes! So jerky, if you like that, and death/ doom/ thrash, get this. I never noticed until now, that "Wanderlust" sounds a lot like Holocaust (No Man's Land lp).

Most songs here have been re-recorded by Lord Vic himself on his first two albums (gasp! You mean Rampage is a one man armed resistance?!) Besides the guitar wanking 'Evisceration', the only other track not recorded is "Doomsayer" and it is really cool. It's supposed to be on the upcoming "Doom Metal" album. Let's see- 54 minutes, $4 (add $1 outside the U.S.), amateurish playing and sound. Sounds pretty damn good to me.


1. 3:03 Bloody Leg
2. 8:06 The Wigglesnake Blues/ Guittaural Evisceration Pt.III/ Kill Ya Tonite
3. 3:21 Rampage
4. 7:32 Doom Metal
5. 5:39 Six Bells At Midnight
6. 3:53 Heavens Gate
7. 5:00 The Round Mound of Rebound
8. 6:29 Doomsayer
9. 2:39 Dead Rot
10. 0:20 Cocksucker
11. 7:05 Wanderlust

2001 mlotek