Obtained Enslavement
[Wounded Love]

Although OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT are from Norway, I must admit I partly liked their first CD "Centuries of Sorrow" for it's merciless brutality ("Dark Reality" is still the ultimate kick ass song !). Now we have a follow up and I'm very unhappy about it. They want to pass it off as natural development of course but in fact they plainly have turned Norsecore. Where there had been guitars on the first CD, there's a keyboard now and the vocals are so utterly void of identity I could cry... I mean, their first CD wasn't a masterpiece of originality either (well, compared to this it was !!) but they took everything they had in common with every other Norsecore act on this planet and made a new album out of that. I'm fucking disappointed about the way you guys turned trendy !!!!!!

1999 blackgoat