...rides the Moonstorm

The infernal depths of the Netherlands erupt PENTACLEs first full length album and they heavens darken in fear and shame... I don't really like the intro (from a CELTIC FROST live tape of the Montreal show back in 85) since it hints too much at PENTACLE being a mere copy while in fact they are way above that. But the title track and the following ,Veil of Sulphur" blow such thoughts to oblivion in seconds... A much nicer reverence to the old times is the recording of ,Spell of the Pentagram" of Chile's one and only PENTAGRAM (Anton you fuck, why do you rip off MACHINE HEAD now ?????) which fit's perfectly among their own material. PENTACLE are another band that is light years ahead of this retro-thrash trend and just do their own thing BASED on traditions and patterns of the 80s rather than simply copying everything. In my opinion this CD is one of the ,must haves"...

1999 blackgoat