Quality black metal by this one-man band from Estonia. The main man Draconic (also of Tharaphita and Carnifex) is an able songwriter and musician. All instruments are played with great skill. The sound is neither very raw nor very polished, but all in all, quite powerful. The songs are mostly fast and blaring, but with folk-flavored calm passages interwoven within. "Haldjast" boasts a sizable Burzum influence while the last song "Kui Kord..." is an excellent instrumental track which alternates between a very appeasing folk melody and blasting black metal. Really cool. This is the thing about folk music. Nowadays, if you want to sound more or less original without abandoning the fundamental black metal style, the surest thing to do is to turn to your own backyard for inspiration. That's what many Eastern European bands (Skyforger is the best known one) are doing, and it serves them well (if it's well done, of course) because folk music grants a certain degree of richness and uniqueness to their sound. In any case, "Roosteitk" is a very well done and worthy piece of work. Dangus Productions

P.O. Box 3058, 2026 Vilnius

1999 boris