Hmm, here is a weird one from Dangus Productions. From what I understand, this Lithuanian group is a side project from the members of Wejdas who are a folk-ambient band themselves, but Eirime goes even further. I suppose this can be classified as an ethereal fusion of New Age and folk-ambient. As you can imagine, it requires a rather exquisite taste. Airy keyboards and ambient drones, piano and breezy vocals. "Melnkrontes" consists of mere sounds of sea waves and spoken word/vocals. "Kos Muson Toi?" is a basic melodic line paired with a brief vocal interlude. "Ont Juras" starts with some atmospheric ambience,which is adorned at the end by a New Age-styled piano and keyboard. All this stuff may be atmospheric and moody, but ultimately it's best served as background music or maybe a movie soundtrack. "Vien Tik Vejas" is the only track that made a real impression on me. It starts with a simple keyboard melody, and then effectively adds weird electronic sounds and electronically improvised tribal drums, which create an almost pagan feel. Other tracks, though, didn't really cut it for me. Fans of moody, ethereal, ambient or trance music might find this interesting. The rest - approach with extreme caution.

1999 boris