Easy Listening For Iron Youth:
The Best Of NON

In case you don't know, the man behind NON is none other than Boyd Rice - writer, actor, photographer, musician, underground culture aficionado, priest in the Church of Satan, you name it. NON is Mr. Rice's vehicle in the realm of music since 1980. Well, music is probably a relative term here since the majority of people wouldn't consider this to be music. For fans of experimental noise however, NON's sound constructions are truly an audio ambrosia. "Easy Listening..." consists of pieces created by Rice during the 1980's, but they sound just as fresh and radical today. The compositions are very diverse too. From harsh noise attacks to creepy sound and sample collages to the Easy Listening-type tunes filtered through the barrage of distortion, each track on the album has its own distinct voice. Awesome stuff if you can get into it.

If you want to get yourself acquainted with Rice's work, this collection is a great place to start.

1999 boris