Fu Manchu
Return To Earth 91-93

My least favourite by this California band of stoner rockers who seem to probably have always had early Black Sabbath on the brain... Every song has either great, good, or decent riffs...nothing so horrible you have to skip tracks, however, for some reason I just can't get into this as much as "Eatin' Dust" "The Action is Go" or "daredevil". Scott Hill's singing is that clean, monotone-type deal, like if Ozzy grew up on the west coast, man.

This 1997 release is a collection of songs from early EP's, with tracks 1,2,4,6,7 & 8 being remixed. I've been arguing with ChorazaiM that Fu Manchu used to be called Virulence, or had members from that defunct band. To me, for the first song or two have that trademark Virulence guitar tone, so can anyone clear this up?? (Maybe I should stop being lazy and check their record companies' web sites, lol).

Not a bad release, but kind of goes nowhere. I understand now why some folks don't like them. They sound lazy, really really lazy no good long haired bums!

1. Don't Bother Knockin' (If This Van's Rockin')
2. Senioritis
3. Pick-Up Summer
4. El Don
5. Ojo Rojo
6. Simco
7. Space Sucker
8. Pinbuster
9. Vankhana (Rollin' Rooms)

1999 mlotek