Fu Manchu
No One Rides For Free
[Bong Load]

I pop this 1993 disc in, and I keep thinking, this sounds like a slow rockin Rollins tune , by some metal kids. Cool. Stoner rock, nice bass and drum work , simple, compliments the guitar work. I finally realized why I love Fu Manchu. When I heard Show and Shine it reminded me of The Monoxides, cool retro rock with those clean vocals that no one uses anymore. This is only a 27 minute CD, while it's pretty good and Snakebellies is a great song, I don't know if I would buy this if it was over $10, maybe I'll grow to love it, but I get ticked off at short length CD's, what's the point of releasing them?

Time To Fly/Ojo Rojo/Show and Shine/Mega-Bumpers/Free and Easy (Summer Girls)/ Superbird/Shine It On.

1999 mlotek