Fu Manchu
In Search Of...

I think this is the album that made Fu Manchu known, as I remember seeing ads in metal mags for it. Clocking in around 40 minutes, you get nothing but more driving/skateboard-inspired stoner rock. As usual, it's straight ahead riffing, except for a few tracks like Neptune's Convoy or Supershooter sound like Monster Magnet territory with spacy effects, and The Bargain is a little mellow and bluesy, done in a white boy kind of way. Perfect production for this type of rockin/metal shit. One question..is Fu Manchu going to stay the underground's best kept secret?

Regal Begal/Missing Link/Asphalt Risin'/Neptune's Convoy/Reline/Cyclone Launch/Strato-Stream/Solid Hex/The Falcon Has Landed/Seahag/The Bargain /Supershooter.

1999 mlotek